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24, chemin de Borde Rouge –Auzeville – CS52627
31326 Castanet Tolosan CEDEX - France

Dernière mise à jour : Mai 2018

Menu Logo Principal AgroParisTech Université Paris-Saclay


GABI : Génétique Animale et Biologie IntégrativeUnité Mixte de Recherche INRA - AgroParisTech

Didier BOICHARD, Senior Research Scientist

Genomic selection; genetic Improvement of Cattle; genetic evaluation; association analysis ; milk composition ; disease resistance; genetic defects
Fond Blanc2

INRAE, UMR 1313 Animal Genetics and Integrative Biology
Domaine de Vilvert, Bat 211, 78352 Jouy en Josas, France
Tel : +33 (0) 1 34 65 21 81

Email : didier.boichard(at)

Research Team: Bovine Genetics and Genomics

CV :

  • Agronomic Engineer from the Institut National Agronomique Paris Grignon, 1982
  • MSc in Quantitative Genetics, Paris VI, 1985
  • PhD from INA Paris Grignon (presently AgroParisTech), 1987
  • Junior Research Scientist (1987) then Senior Research Scientist (1996) at INRAE
  • Head of the Animal Genetics Division of INRAE from 2002 to 2009
  • Chairman of Labogena from 2004 to 2013
  • Member of the Veterinary Academy of France
  • Gold medal of the Agriculture Academy of France (2015)
  • G2B team recieved the Laurier for Impact award from INRAE in 2016

Fields of Research :

Genomic selection ; Genetic Improvement of cattle; Quantitative Genetics; Genetic evaluation; QTL mapping; Genetic determinism of milk composition; Genetic determinism of fertility; Genetic determinism of mastitis resistance; Genetic defects.

Other Activites :

  • Coordination : Head of the G2B research team ; co-leader of the UMT 3G (2011-16) then of the UMT eBIS (2017-22)
  • Expertise : Member of the National Committee on Animal Selection ; Member of the executive committee of France Génétique Elevage
  • Publication : Co-Editor in Chief of Genetics Selection Evolution

Selected Publications :

Boichard D. 2020. Nouvelles modalités de diffusion de la génétique. In “Génétique des animaux d'élevage : Diversité et adaptation dans un monde changeant”, Quae, E Verrier, D Milan, C Rogel-Gaillard Eds, chapitre 12, 193-203.

Sanchez M.P., Fritz S., Patry C., Delacroix-Buchet A., Boichard D. 2020. Milk protein variant and haplotype frequencies estimated from genotypes of more than one million bulls and cows of twelve French cattle breeds. J Dairy Sci, 103, 9124-9141.

Sanchez M.P., Guatteo R., Davergne A., Saout J., Grohs C., Deloche M.C., Taussat S., Fritz S., Boussaha M., Blanquefort P., Delafosse A., Joly A., Schibler L., Fourichon C., Boichard D. 2020. Identification of the ABCC4, IER3 and CBFA2T2 candidate genes for resistance to paratuberculosis in Holstein and Normande dairy cattle from a sequence-based GWAS. Genet Sel Evol, 52,14.

Zhang J., Kadri N., Mullaart E., Spelman R., Fritz S., Boichard D., Charlier C., Georges M., Druet T. 2020. Genetic architecture of individual variation in recombination rate on the X-chromosome in cattle, Heredity, early online.

Van Den Berg I., Xiang R., Jenko J., Pausch H., Boussaha M., Tribout T., Gjuvsland A.B., Boichard D., Nordbø Ø., Sanchez M-P., Goddard M.E. 2020. Large scale multi breed meta-analysis for fat and protein percentage using imputed sequence variant genotypes in 94,321 cattle from eight dairy breeds. Genet Sel Evol, 52, 37.

Liu A., Lund M.S., Boichard D., Karaman E., Guldbrandtsen B., Fritz S., Aamand G.P., Nielsen U.S., Sahana G., Wang Y., Su G. 2020. Weighted single-step genomic best linear unbiased prediction integrating the variants selected from sequencing data by association and bioinformatics analyses. Genet Sel Evol, 52, 48.

Liu A., Lund M.S., Boichard D., Mao X., Karaman E., Fritz S., Pedersen Aamand G., Wang Y., Su G. 2020. Imputation for sequencing variants preselected to a customized low-density chip. Sci Rep, 10:9524.

Boichard D. 2019. Development of dairy breeding programs. Book “Advances of breeding in dairy cattle”, Burleigh-Dodds, Chapitre 23, 16p. 

Hozé C., Escouflaire C., Mesbah-Uddin M., Barbat A., Boussaha M., Deloche M.C., Boichard D., Fritz S., Capitan A. 2020. Short Communication: A splice site mutation in CENPU is associated with recessive embryonic lethality in Holstein cattle. J Dairy Sci, 103:607–612.

Liu A., Lund M.S., Boichard D., Karaman E., Fritz S., Aamand G.P., Nielsen U.S., Wang Y., Su G. 2020. Improvement of genomic prediction by additional single nucleotide polymorphisms selected from whole genome sequencing data. Heredity, 124, 37-49.

Sanchez M.P., Wolf V., Laithier C., El Jabri M., Beuvier E., Rolet-Repecaud O., Gaudilliere N., Minery S., Ramayo-Caldas Y., Tribout T., Michenet A., Boussaha M., Taussat S., Fritz S., Delacroix-Buchet A., Grosperrin P., Brochard M., Boichard D. 2019. Analyse génétique de la fromageabilité du lait de vache prédite par spectrométrie moyen infrarouge en race Montbéliarde. INRA Productions Animales, 32, 379-398.

Dezetter C., Boichard D., Bareille N., Grimard B., Le Mezec P., Ducrocq V. 2019. Le croisement entre races bovines laitières : Quel intérêt pour des ateliers en race pure Prim’Holstein ? INRA Productions Animales, 32, 359-378.

Sanchez M.P., Ramayo-Caldas Y., Wolf V., Laithier C., El Jabri M., Michenet A., Boussaha M., Taussat S., Fritz S., Delacroix-Buchet A., Brochard M., Boichard D. 2019. Sequence-based GWAS, network and pathway analyses reveal genes co-associated with milk cheese making properties and milk composition in Montbéliarde cows. Genet Sel Evol, 51, 34.

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